rooted in the past guiding the present

At CtK we believe our worship is a reflection of what we believe.  The spiritual traditions and practices of the historic church through the Liturgy, Word, and Sacrament remind us weekly of God's saving story and His love for us to know Him and experience His extravagant grace and redeeming power and transforming us to be a people of grace, generosity, and joy.   


Please share in our worship as you feel comfortable and may God strengthen your faith as we worship together


Getting to Know US

SIMPLE FOCUS --   Our desire is to know and experience God's gracious and extravagant love and grace through what we call the Gospel.  

The Gospel, God's story of forgiveness and life is for the lost and the found. As we experience God's unfathomable love, we are transformed, set free and empowered to live and love well.

SIMPLY CHRISTIAN --  Our foundational belief in the Trinitarian God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as articulated in the historic creeds of the church, the Apostles' Creed and Nicene Creed, serve as our statement of faith.   

LIFE TOGETHER--   We believe that Christ-followers, Christians, can experience the Gospel and live out the Gospel best when deeply involved in community through the life, worship, and ministry of a local church.   In the church we encourage, support,  and pray for one another, as we serve and grow in our relationship with God and our neighbors.

ANCIENT-FUTURE --  We are biblical and grounded in the authority and proclamation of the Holy Scriptures.  Our historic orthodox faith formation practices of worship, prayer, and service help us to experience the richness of God's story changing lives, ours and others.

Many of us come from non-liturgical, non-sacramental, evangelical backgrounds. Over time God has stirred in our hearts the beauty and biblical strength of the liturgy and sacraments which help us to experience the majesty and grace of God. 

SOMETHING BIGGER --  We believe in the oneness of God's Church that has a variety of expressions. We are part of the world-wide Anglican Communion, the third largest Christian faith expression, as we stand together globally, in unity and practice.