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Christ the King Church is a Christian Anglican community of disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.   We believe that God desires for every person be on the journey of faith and to know God's Gospel story.  Therefore, we seek to welcome all people regardless of the stage of their spiritual life, their struggles, and failures.  We simply ask that you walk with us and be open to what God is calling you be and do.

Last Sunday's Sermon

The Gift of Forgiveness

Humanity, the word denotes our collective humanness with all of its mortal traits, both good and bad, generous and sinful. The Christian life is not shielded from the “fallen-ness” and moral corruption of humanity but empowered to extend grace and redemption. The painful consequences of living among people, who like us sin intentionally and unintentionally, create debt. Something is taken from us. Our desire is for justice, repayment, penalty, vindication. God calls us to share something radically different, the gift of forgiveness..  

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      Our ministry is simple

       Our message is clear

       Our focus is

           to live with eternal purpose

       Our passion

       .... Awakening and inspiring the imagination to God's story of extravagant love and grace.


               10 AM

  1161 East Clark Rd, DeWitt, MI

   (Clark Corners Complex)